Profilium – home of Alusic T-Slot Aluminium Profile

Profilium are the exclusive Australian agents of a range of aluminium profile extrusions and accessories from Italian manufacturer Alusic.

Our range includes t-slot aluminium profiles that are suitable for use in frame building, machine guarding, workstations including Class 7 & Class 8 cleanroom applications, conveyor systems, powered linear guides, CNC machines, and much, much, more.

We call the system “industrial meccano” and it is a direct replacement for welded steel frame work. If you can build it in steel it can usually be built with t-slot aluminium profile in less than half the time and is guaranteed to be straight and perpendicular – no welding warp or distortion, no painting, no hot metal work requirements on-site!

Profilium can supply aluminium profile and accessories as ‘raw’ materials to allow you to fabriacte your own structure (including cutting / drilling / tapping to your sizes), or we can fabricate and assemble structures to yours our our design. We supply to OEM’s and Comemrcial End Users or will happy supply to the smaller users by the bar or for small volumes.